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We are here to carry the voice of a woman, whom you may have met in the streets of Toulouse, and who would not have left you indifferent. This woman is our friend Jennifer, an activist prostitute, queer and celebrity in the neighborhood. Jennifer is not afraid of anything, she is an activist who drove out putophobes with a dildo, a sublime blonde with the shortest skirt in all of Belfort, but also our sister, our friend, our girlfriend. If today she cannot speak for herself, it is because she has been imprisoned for 9 months in Seysses prison in the worst possible condition: in solitary confinement in the men’s prison. Jennifer is remanded in custody, charged with attempted homicide against the man who raped her days before. The rape charge has not been upheld by this sexist, transphobic and putophobic justice.


While waiting for her judgement, the penitentiary administration, under cover of “her security” preferred to lock her up alone in 9m2. We recall that isolation is an atrocious and dehumanizing punitive measure. She has no contact with anyone except the warders and the visiting rooms and suffers from transphobia. Many of her family members have not been allowed to visit her. The prison blocks her access to certain products such as a simple DVD player or make-up for no reason. These undignified and abusive prison conditions inevitably take a toll on her physical and mental health.

Today, on this day of March 8, we demand JUSTICE FOR JENNIFER, and for all incarcerated trans people, prostitutes. We remind you that March 8th is the international day of struggle for the rights of ALL women, whether they are whores, trans, etc. We are here to shout “WE BELIEVE YOU, WE SUPPORT YOU, WE LOVE YOU”, it is for the rapists to be afraid!

We want to get Jennifer out of isolation, literally and figuratively, so let’s tell her story, write to her, support her, send her money…

Let’s not let the prison separate us from our sisters! All together let us cry out:


For more information, to know how to write to her or to support her, you can send an email to or join the Co.S.Co, Comité de Solidarité entre Copines.